Falsetto, Mario

Falsetto, Mario
   Mario Falsetto has written and edited two critical studies on the cinema of STANLEY KUBRICK. The first was Stanley Kubrick: A Narrative and Stylistic Analysis, published by Greenwood Press in 1994, that gave particular attention to 2001:A SPACE ODYSSEY,A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, and BARRY LYNDON, which Falsetto claims is “Kubrick’s most ambitious and complex accomplishment. ”The book was criticized for its organization and lack of a clear theoretical perspective. Falsetto’s second book was a benchmark for Kubrick critics, however. It was entitled Perspectives on Stanley Kubrick and published by G. K. Hall in 1996, in the Perspectives on Film series edited by Ronald Gottesman of the University of California and Harry M. Geduld of Indiana University. Though Falsetto himself wrote the career overview that opens the book and contributed a study called “Filmic Narration in The Killing and Lolita,” the rest of this eminently useful collection was written by other critics and writers (including ANTHONY BURGESS on the adaptation of A Clockwork Orange) and other Kubrick associates, such as JOHN ALCOTT, the cinematographer for Barry Lyndon, and DOUGLAS TRUMBULL, who contributed “Creating Special Effects for 2001: A Space Odyssey,” originally published in American Cinematographer. Four Kubrick interviews are also reprinted, including Eric Nordern’s for Playboy and Tim Cahill’s for Rolling Stone. The scope of the collection goes through FULL METAL JACKET, covered by Thomas Doherty of Brandeis University and by British critic Michael Pursell of Literature/Film Quarterly.
   J. M. W.

The Encyclopedia of Stanley Kubrick. . 2002.

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